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ADDED: Should I be looking at specific types of inductors for this sort of application Inductors are very special for best results. The MAX16834 features constant-frequency peak current-mode control with programmable slope compensation to control the duty cycle of the PWM controller. Julian Ilett 181,634 views 8:00 Sequencing 30 High Power LEDs with Arduino and LED Drivers #1 - Duration: 5:17. maybe someone will pass by here... http://tuiconverter.com/led-driver/high-power-led-drivers-ic.php

I try with some inductor (with value between 47 uH and 100uH) but the maximun value of current is not 350 ma ! In this case, I would imagine even a moderately undersized heatsink would suffice for short, high-current bursts (say at most 2A at 500ms). But I need to run it from a 26– 27V SPSU, so I need to limit the Vgs voltage on the P-mosfet. Akikalmara (author)ledartistReply2013-11-22Hello, Aki, thanks for the quick reply. https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/products/power/led-drivers/MAX16834.html

High Power Led Driver Ic

What was it's purpose in the first place?Doktor Jones (author)Reply2013-10-30How would this be modified to drive 100mA LEDs? Why did Neo even have to fight? Why is it harder to compute nonce for a hash with a certain number zero prefixes than it is for any other hash? In any case, if I wanted to use the digital-to-analog conversion, I'd just need to add a capacitor from ACTRL to GND (Richtek suggests a .47uF).

G siddhanth (author)Reply2013-12-04Hi ledartist,I have a small noobish question since I am new to the world of power leds(forgive me). I have next to no experience with microcontrollers, so I'm not sure what I'd need to get started. Gerber files and PDF are provided. High Power Led Driver Circuit Design So if you configure the unit to deliver 1A, you can trim it down to about 90mA just by turning the pot.

The problem is the source of the power is an ac(my motorbike) and the voltages fluctuate with the increase and decrease in rpm. Max16834 However I realize that the finding and configuring the power supply is still not as simple as it can be; commercially available LED drivers are convenient, but often overkill or not Eventually the comparator flips back again, and the cycle starts over. anchor more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Someone suggested to put a 4,7 uF cap paralell with the led(s) in exchange for reducing L1. Pwm Led Driver Circuit But then the "Black body effects" of the substrate radiates IR heat as it attempts to conduct it away from the source. Working... Electrotechnics 156,470 views 4:39 Monster 7,500 Lumens 100W LED Flashlight for under $10 - Duration: 6:31.


Will it be a problem if I only have 16v rated 100uf caps and not the 35v rated?Thanks again!ledartist (author)BigbobMReply2015-12-17C2 value is not that critical, so use 2 x 1uF or How to enable users to insert an infinity number What are these alternating bright and dark rings in fluorescent lamp? High Power Led Driver Ic When it is turned the other way, it will be sensing 1k/21k * 0.7V = 33mV. (The description says the ratio is 1:11 but maybe I'm wiring it differently).Let's assume that High Power Led Driver Circuit Arduino for Production!

Now I just need to figure out how to generate the PWM signal. useful reference The resulting voltage is proportional to the current according to the Ohms Law. Demo Boards Linear Technology offers many demo boards free of charge to qualified customers. Now, I could use 2 * 1.0uf and 2 * 0.1 uf and end up with an equivalent 2.2, or I could just use the next highest value - 4.7uf.Is this Max16834 Evaluation Kit

THis conversion drops with rising light levels slightly. ajmckay2 25,455 views 7:50 Review: 400W Digitally Controlled DC/DC Step-Up Boost Converter - Duration: 8:00. Loading... my review here This PWM input can also be used simply as a remote on/off switch.

For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Linear Technology sales office or authorized distributor. Led Driver Pwm Dimming C1 can also be anywhere from 1 to 10 uF. ie actual LED drive and PC to LED drive interface.

http://goo.gl/EUEDMvLankaster555 (author)Reply2013-12-09Hi, ledartist, Have tried to build a prototype of your offered driver – it works fine from 18V, thank you.

cause my project is same with tis project LaurenceD (author)Reply2014-11-28I need something like this that I can build myself. Contact your local sales office or distributor to inquire about a demo board. I have some questions about modifying the buck driver for my own needs. Constant Current Pwm Led Driver NB - f mains in (110 or 230 VAC) then an intermediate low V DC will be a good idea. –Russell McMahon Jul 19 '12 at 14:18 @RussellMcMahon I

Working... It will decrease as current increases from this point and visa versa. Without a totem-pole driver for example, you will see the transistor getting very hot, because of the slow switching speed. get redirected here Thanks!ledartist (author)Doktor JonesReply2013-11-07Sorry for my late reply.

This is critical when choosing switch MOSFETS and other switches to ensure your driver is much lower than this load and also understand the I^2R power dissipation increases rapidly with current. So if you lower the current, the same 10% PWM level can be darker, for example. Given the devices you've given me so far, I'm leaning towards using the RT8482 to drive the LED, and then I could use the PIC18F4550 to send a digital PWM signal Certain demo boards are also available for sale via credit card on this website.

Similarly, Q1 and Q2 can be almost any general purpose type transistors. I feel that with a simple list of parts and schematic for this project, I'd be able to figure out the rest (all that's really left is programming the microcontroller). I'd like to build your circuit, but I have very small place. Loading...

All software PCB patterns, circuit etc free. Inductor does not allow current to shoot up immediately, so the current increases gradually. share|improve this answer answered Jul 19 '12 at 19:10 Tony Stewart. Julian Ilett 8,072 views 4:42 Homemade Simple LED Driver - Duration: 4:39.

Thats not a lot in a switching/PWM application. (In a linear application it could be an issue.) 48V isn't a lot in a switching application either. http://www.ebay.com/itm/150W-8A-DC-DC-8-32V-to-9-46V-19V-24V-36V-step-up-BOOST-converter-power-module-/130795754433?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e7408d3c1 ATtiny core for 841+1634+828 and x313/x4/x5/x61/x7/x8 series Board Manager:http://drazzy.com/package_drazzy.com_index.json ATtiny breakouts (some assembled), mosfets and awesome prototyping board in my store http://tindie.com/stores/DrAzzy ElectroPhilip Guest Re: High power LED PWM Controlling I'm not sure what levels of light we will need at the end, but I'd like to have the ability to supply up to 2A.