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Hit Your Brake Lights Dealing With Tailgating Driver


Did this article help you? You might either feel nervous that someone is following too closely, or you might be angry that someone is following too closely. Where I am (Australia), flashed headlights are often used to warn oncoming traffic of road hazard (e.g. Create an account EXPLORE Community DashboardRandom ArticleAbout UsCategoriesRecent Changes HELP US Write an ArticleRequest a New ArticleAnswer a RequestMore Ideas...

Is it possible to have life that feeds on thermal energy? The first guy through.posted by Tehhund at 1:03 PM on December 13, 2012 [1 favorite] I like j_curiouser solution. First, when someone is tailgating you, add their following distance to yours. What I have done is try to arrive at a compromise: There are plenty of times when people get ancy behind me, but if I know that I am only slowing

How To Handle Tailgaters

The best thing to do is to call an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. Posted by jimcorleylaw ⋅ August 3, 2012 ⋅ 20 Comments Filed Under assault, auto accident, battery, civil assault, comparative negligence, Contributory Negligence, crime, Criminal Law, lawsuit, Maryland Attorney, need a lawyer, I guess where I was going with it is, in the city I live in, there are just too many obnovious drivers to follow this advice all the time. Actually, if you're really into "winning" the driving battle, this is the best way to do it.

Don't Drive Impaired 6. Compare cheap quotes from up to 109 providers.

Get a quote Related articles Road rage and the law Top 10 bad driving habits The 10 most dangerous driving songs Should older Because let's face it: slowing way down is an aggressive move. What Should You Do If You Are Being Tailgated By Another Vehicle Continue using your cruise control. 3.

Car crashes into bike. - Duration: 2:12. Avoid Head-On Collisions 32. About Press Copyright Creators Advertise Developers +YouTube Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Test new features Loading... check it out Austin cautioned that as a general rule, drivers who notice that the person behind them is a little too close for comfort, they shouldn’t do anything to make the situation more

Many thanks. Tailgating Law Also note question is not "how do I get back at tailgaters" but rather how to deal with them. Seat Belts and Air Bags Go Together! 64. It's less dangerous than tapping your brakes, but it does tend to piss some people off quite a bit.posted by OmieWise at 8:57 AM on December 13, 2012 [11 favorites] Drive

Report Tailgating To Police

posted by galvanized unicorn to Travel & Transportation (53 answers total) 10 users marked this as a favorite As helpful as this may be (or not): You can't control other http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/03/14/instant-karma-watch-as-tailgating-driver-learns-dangerous-lesson-after-getting-brake-checked/ I had to switch from my grand prix to a high sitting full size pickup and the tailgating diminished. How To Handle Tailgaters Then, if you do need to brake suddenly, the brake light should hopefully prompt the tailgater to take some evasive action. Anti Tailgating Device By the way, 70mph in a one-lane 65mph area is totally reasonable and tailgaters are total ass-faces for riding you there.

Is it true that NASA is hiring a new 'planetary protection officer'? About this wikiHow 87 votes - 63% Click a star to vote Click a star to vote Thanks for voting! I don't slow down or speed up in response to tailgaters, I just put on the blinkers. rev 2017.8.4.26704 Lifehacks Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled Twitter feud escalates: CNN Analyst reports Dana Loesch to the feds Watch: Kellyanne Conway confirms Trump's 2020 plans Mike Pence torches How To Get Rid Of Tailgaters

This normally results in the person following closer for a few seconds, and then dropping back. Alternately, just act as if they were behaving rationally and pull over a bit in or near passing areas to suggest they pass. Worried you'll be late for work, so you're tailgating me and driving like an asshole? Ask MetaFilter querying the hive mind Log In Sign Up MetaFilter AskMeFi FanFare Projects Music Jobs IRL MetaTalk More Best Of Podcast Chat Labs Search MetaFilter… Menu Home FAQ About Archives

This is not what they are for. What Is Tailgating In Football Although that could damage your car.) that says something about not going any faster so they can just go around. The best way to deal with bullies, when you can, is ignore them.

So, I don't believe that something as minimal and benign as simply lighting up your brake lights would do anything to curb their behavior.

Start counting when the car in front of you passes that spot (e.g. Many, if not all, auto insurance policies now include an "Intentional Acts" clause, which basically states that if you intentionally cause an accident the insurance company isn't responsible for the damages. I suppose you're talking more about specifically road rage whereas I'm talking more about everyday driving. Is Tailgating Illegal To measure this distance, pick a spot ahead of you.

Better than nothing, and he gets a kick out of it.posted by thisclickableme at 6:09 PM on December 13, 2012 [1 favorite] I always slow down when I'm being tailgated, and While not illegal (but check -- there may be exceptions), when you tap your brake lights without actually braking, you are crying "wolf." You are training the other driver not to Working... Slow Approaching Intersections! 53.

It's not your fault they're running behind schedule! the tailgaters), not those who are driving at the limit who refuse to be bullied. The vehicle can then be seen smashing into a pole before coming to a stop after hitting the crash barriers. Our police tell us write down the rego number so they can send the offending driver a "please don't do it again letter" (which is usually scorned and ripped up by

If you’re just further enraging the driver behind, it’s difficult to see how anyone’s going to win. Generally if someone asks to go in front of me I'll say "sure". The tailgater backs off around 1 time in 3. If the driver becomes excessively aggressive, call the police.

Absolutely nothing 75% of the time, I move over 25% of the time (something like that). When somebody is driving aggressively behind you, it quickly becomes insulting and annoying. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the No need to brake, just get their attention. –Lasse Apr 17 '15 at 7:37 4 Tapping the brakes you could accidentally press them and cause an accident.

This could be for a passive tailgater who doesn't even realize they are following too closely and as well for an aggressive tailgater (to which I'm not sure of a solution). If the lead driver, who is being tailgated, slams on their brakes and causes the accident, the argument can be made that they are the at fault party. Yes No Not Helpful 9 Helpful 9 What should I do if I am on a rural road with no turn out and no passing allowed? Normally this means they’re trying to pass you, but for whatever reason, you’re making it difficult.

I figure 2 things, I am not going to ignore them as an idiot that tailgates is not going to be a safe driver and I'll be the one hit if This will also work with the foot mounted parking brake, but I don't recommend interacting with it during driving. –Ehryk Jun 2 '15 at 17:42 add a comment| up vote 1 Your case has many different moving parts that I believe require some significant investigation and evaluation. Tapping the brakes is generally a bad idea and is quite dangerous.