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Avoid the Topped Drive Topping the ball occurs when you literally hit the top of the ball with the bottom of your club, resulting in a shot that rolls forward on But because it's the longest and least-lofted club -- other than your putter -- the driver also can be the most difficult to hit. Because I feel his swing has a lot of things you have posted in this thread. Fundamental #3 - Sweeping Motion Iron shots should generally be hit with a downward angle to cleanly strike the ball and impart the necessary backspin to get it up and soaring

But that's just half the story: my primary concern is accuracy — it's not very often you make birdie from the rough. Ball off the left shoulder joint, plenty of axis tilt, feet turned out. 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Awards, Achievements, and Accolades taxgolf    3 ADAM SCHRIBER SAYS: "Anthony does an excellent job of 'using the deck,' or interacting with the ground, to create leverage in his downswing. I paid a bit more attention to my grip and it helped.

How To Hit A Driver Consistently

Sincerely, Matthew Wallach Assistant Golf Professional at Duke University Golf Club Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Keep your balance and posture through the tee shot without swaying from side to side. HowToBreak80 1,689,883 views 6:27 3 Tips To Drive Straight - Duration: 7:40.

The ball then pops high into the air -- hence the term “skied” drive, because the ball flies straight up toward the sky -- but it doesn’t fly far. I knew from an early age that I wouldn't be able to generate power with my arms alone on account of my size, so I don't swing them back as far. Over the years, however, I noticed that the choke gave me more control — especially with the driver — and I've never looked back. How To Hit A Driver Straight Off The Tee When you see me on the course in this position, I'm not playing my best. Rob Tringali Rob Tringali

His Smash Factor (ball speed over clubhead speed) is excellent. How To Hit A Driver For Beginners Enter our Snell/PGA Championship Prediction Contest! 07/25/2017 Visit this thread and enter to win great prizes from @SnellGolf. The guys who consistently hit fairways and greens were the ones who won points for their side. https://golficity.com/how-to-hit-a-driver/ Sign in to report inappropriate content.

It seems his left foot is less flaired than his right. Furthermore, did you see the swing pictures of the Japanese tour pro (forgot his name) in the latest issue of Golfdigest How To Hit A Driver Straight Every Time No purchase nessessary. Hadwin -6 Thru 9 logo-golf Created with Sketch. logo-golf Created with Sketch. logo-golf Created with Sketch.

How To Hit A Driver For Beginners

It's the centerpoint of my swing through impact. You can't give up that kind of distance over 72 holes. How To Hit A Driver Consistently Report post #14 Posted September 24, 2014

Like 117mph? This connects me to the ground so I can use it for extra leverage and power. ...I literally push into the ground. The other philosophy is to aim down the middle, and give yourself a margin for error on both sides. If you've been fit with, say, an 11-degree with a regular shaft and you like a particular brand, try to hit 10 or more models of that club. Hitting A Driver Basics

Last week I split the fairway twice with a 310 and 320 yard drive! It can help to have an intermediary target such as a leaf a couple of feet from the ball along the target line. You said your driver miss is to the left so once you have better club face awareness I want you to feel the club face closing (pointing to the right) through But one or two would be hotter than the rest.

As a lefty golfer who is hitting a sliced ball to the left, your clubface is aimed left of the path it is swinging through impact. How To Hit A Driver Properly All Rights Reserved. I can get away with swinging the club to parallel and beyond from time to time, but on Tour, time to time means a string of missed cuts.

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The looks I get when I'm making my "slice" swings are pretty funny though 0 Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Awards, Achievements, and Accolades colin007    He has contributed to a variety of national and local publications, specializing in sports writing. Rose holds a B.A. How To Hit A Driver Straight Youtube A high rate of backspin is the enemy of hitting good shots with your driver.  While some backspin is needed to keep the ball in the air and on line, too

A thinner weld means a greater trampoline effect at impact, and that means more distance. You can try using it for more control on tight driving holes, but it's also a good way to hit in-between shots. Based on you belt. Those elements are: Clubface orientation at impact relative to swing path.

Photo Credits Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images SHARE SHARE TWEET EMAIL Related Searches More Articles How to Prevent Pushing the Ball in My Golf Swing How to Stop Shanking Your Pitching Wedges Steps Sign Up 2017 TST Partners Posts 2017 WGC - Bridgestone By krupa · Posted 3 minutes ago Wtf, CBS!?  You show three shots between commercials!?  I think they spent more time We'd love to have you! If this makes you feel better about that slice you've been cursed with, you need to think again.

Challenges Challenges Challenges Report post #1 Posted September 18, 2014 "Why can I hit my irons ok but slice my driver off the planet?" OR "Why does my 3 wood go You saw the benefits of this strategy during the Ryder Cup.