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The regulations implement EC Directive 2002/15/EC which seeks to establish minimum requirements for drivers and crew of HGVs and PSVs who are subject to EU drivers' hours rules (3820/85). This gives more Drivers Hours And Working Time Directive Guidance. Weekly Working Time Drivers must not exceed an AVERAGE of 48 Hours per week. As with the other working time limits under this legislation, breaks periods and periods of availability are not included in the 10 hour limit. More about the author

It also protects the member of the public for any accident or injury sustained due to the action of the business. Important points to note: Time spent driving under EU rules cannot count as an off-duty period under GB rules Driving and other duty under GB domestic rules count as attendance at Business Interruption* Business interruption insurance covers the loss of income that a business might suffer due to a disaster. *Included cover dependant on package selected. Self-employed drivers will not be affected until 2009.

Hgv Drivers Hours Explained

Find out which rules apply to you. If you have interrupted your rest in this way, then you must take a regular daily rest period of at least 11 hours. This means that the total duty cannot exceed 21 hours. A daily rest break may be taken in a vehicle if it has suitable sleeping facilities and is stationary.

The Rules Change For Ferry Journeys When taking part in a Ferry Crossing you may ignore interruptions to your daily rest as long as you do not interrupt it more than EU rules usually take precedence over GB rules. Two important changes have been made to the draft regulations following the January 2004 consultation; 1.Mobile workers who work fewer than 11 days within the scope of EU Drivers' rules in Period Of Availability Working Out Your Weekly Rest The standard weekly rest requirement is 45 hours after no more than 6 consecutive duties.

Breaks Drivers completing a working period of between 6 and 9 hours must take a break(s) totalling at least 30 minutes. Drivers Working Time Directive Spreadsheet There is no Opt Out. Should you need to drive over the second of the 4.5hrs available to you, you can extend your time driving to ten hours BUT, you need to take a 45 minute Note - You can opt out of this rule through a collective or workforce agreement.

Where you can speak to one of our staff in the strictest confidence In Writing – Post your complaint to Enforcement Section, Road Safety Authority, Clonfert House, Bride Street, Loughrea, Co Driving Hours Once again, this information is intended to make the regulations more digestible and should be used as a guideline. This mean your total duty cannot exceed 15 hours in total. The break(s) should be taken during the 9 hour period Breaks can be split into 15 minute periods and can be taken at the workstation Breaks do not count towards working

Drivers Working Time Directive Spreadsheet

If night work is performed, the daily working time should not exceed 10 hours in any 24 hour period. http://www.truck-driver.co.uk/working-time-directive/ Time spent working in other employment, including self-employed work, does not count as rest. Hgv Drivers Hours Explained The Weekly Drive Rule You can drive up to 56 hours in a fixed week. Drivers Hours Breaks I'd really appreciate any help on this.

It can also not be seen as specific advice for individual cases. my review here This definition can also be varied by a relevant agreement. Easy to understand and free advice on the Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations (WTRT) by The Working Time Guru. You can distribute that break over the 4.5 hours by taking a 15 minute break followed by a 30 minute break. I am a HGV driver and work 3 days a week regularly on my full time hours (36:15 working). How Many Hours Can A Night Worker Work In Any 24 Hour Period

We will re-iterate this view and also point out that is unreasonable to suggest, as the draft guidelines do, that time spent waiting for a broken down vehicle to be rescued The night work limit can only be exceeded where this is permitted in a relevant agreement - (see section 7). 4.3 What is the working time limit for night work? How Does Double Manning Affect things? click site Digital tachographs became mandatory in new commercial lorries and buses in May 2006.

Records of hours and rest breaks must be kept for 2 years 5.6 weeks holiday entitlement Rest Breaks – a driver must not work for more than 6 hours without a Maximum Driving Hours Per Day Please contact us with any problems, suggestions, comments or questions you may have using this form. Working Time Directive To be used in conjunction with the EU Drivers Hours Regulations, the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005 (aka The Working Time Directive) aims to control the actual

The night work limit can only be exceeded where this is permitted by a relevant agreement (section 7.1).

Overview If you drive a goods vehicle or a passenger-carrying vehicle you must follow the rules on how many hours you can drive and the breaks that you need to take. A daily rest period that is less than 11 hours, but at least 9 hours long, is called a reduced daily rest period. For example: Driving / other work / breaks = 8 hours Rest = 3 hours Driving / other work / breaks = 4 hours Rest = 9 hours A driver can Tachograph Symbols Daily Rest When driving EU Drivers Hours rules require 11 hours consecutive rest in each 24 period.

Find out more about cookies GOV.UK Search Search Home Driving and transport Lorry, bus and coach drivers Drivers' hours Overview Rules for employers Goods vehicles Passenger carrying vehicles Exemptions from EU Note - When reducing your rest period don’t forget to keep track of your weekly and fortnightly driving hours. Some of my colleagues work regular 4 or 5 day weeks, but some perform a mixture. navigate to this website electricians or builders carrying tools or materials for their own use); where used within a 50km radius of base where the vehicle does not constitute the drivers main activity Vehicles used

I hope this helps. Reference Period Working time can be averaged out over 17 weeks. But if I take an odd day, should I record 8 hours as the regulations state? Out of Scope Working Rules Out of scope driving is driving that takes place on roads which are not the public highway.

The 24 hour period is very important, and should not be confused with 10 hours night work per day.